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2 tips to help you fill your speaking time in a timed test

Important NOTE:  Remember, this isn't a substitution for a good arguement! Only practice can help you be able to develop a good arguement at a moments notice! This is only for if you have a few seconds left and cannot think of anything due to "freezing up"-that panic that happens when you are at a loss for words. I don't recommend it for normal use, ONLY as an on-the-spot rescue for an unplanned freeze-up at the END of your speaking test...even this may require some practice!

In our session today, we discussed some tips that I wanted to pass along; they aren’t a perfect solution but they are better than not having anything to say at all.

When you are being timed on what to say and you need to fill up the rest of the timing but can’t think of anything, think back to the last point you just made and add to it. By expounding on it, you will detract from your lack of further points and as was mentioned in the session (good point, thanks) you might think of another point, from what you are saying, to add to your list of supporting arguments.

Another tip is, IF you only have a few seconds to fill, expand your conclusion. By using complete sentences and reiterating a thought or two from your supporting arguments, you can avoid the lowered marks of dead silence at the end of a talk.

Remember, these are just filler ideas. They don’t take the place of well-presented arguments; they are just a last ditch effort to fill in required time. There is no substitute for ample preparation and practice!

Sometimes it's hard to get the words out!
Sometimes it's hard to get the words out!

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