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How can I improve English speaking skills?

Superior communication skills can better your chances for success in attaining your educational goals, success in achieving you professional or business goals. There are several skills related to communication but speaking is the most frequently used skill. Speaking is used twice as much as reading and writing in our communication. These techniques will help you speak with confidence.

  • Speak Online. If you do not have anyone in your surroundings to practice your speaking, use SpeakAlley's Connect page to find language learners and Practice page to speak online with those learners by creating practice rooms. I have started adding English vocabulary to the website to help learners improve their vocabulary.
Speak Online
Speak Online
    • Speak out loud. The best way to improve your language skills is by speaking the language. There is no substitute for practicing with real people.
Speak out loud
    • Develop intrapersonal communication. Think in English. Talk to yourself in English in your mind. Plan your day in English. Talk about things you see in English. For instance, talk about the weather while walking on the road.
      "Oh, It's so hot today. Should have brought umbrella to avoid the scorching sun. The road is so narrow and dirty. Who puts all this trash on the road? I hope I reach office on time today. Why isn't the bus coming? Been standing here for so long."
Think in English
    • Try to imitate/emulate/reproduce/mirror/copy the speakers you admire. Listen to speech or dialogues and repeat it out loud. Repeat it until you feel satisfied. It will be fun and when you do it frequently, you will start enjoying it. This will help mouth, lips and vocal chords get into action. This will also help in losing the mother tongue influence and gaining good pronunciation.
Follow in someone's steps/footsteps
    • Watch News. Journalists are very good communicators. The news channels try to be succinct because more words costs them more money. Observe the choice of words of the journalists, guests, experts, correspondents who try to put forth their argument in a convincing and persuasive manner. Observe how they present a story in a structural manner. Try to read and understand the headlines.
Watch news and learn about the issues in the world
    • Pick a topic to talk about. Pick any topic and start speaking. Talk about the articles you read. Express your thoughts on issues like Deforestation, Climate Change, World Hunger and Poverty, Global Warming, Global Financial Crisis, Human Population, Environmental Issues, etc with your friends. You can even talk about your morning.
Talk about the issues in the world
    • Paint a picture with your words. Go to flickr and describe the photograph to your friend. Try to paint the picture with your words. Speak about the contents of the picture, the expression of the people. What do you feel when you see the picture? Does it remind you of something? Try to express yourself.
Describe the picture
    • Watch the TV shows you like. Watch television shows like Seinfeld (any show you like; I am just a big fan of seinfeld) with subtitles to see how the thoughts are expressed effectively and concisely in humorless or humorous manner. Watch anything you enjoy. It is important that you enjoy what you are watching. Observe the body language, emotions and expressions in connection with the speech or dialogues. These are some of the best comedy shows. Seinfeld, Friends, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory Top Documentary Films - for people who like to watch documentaries.
Watch the TV shows you like
Listen to radio programmes or podcasts
    • Download the lyrics of the songs you like and sing along. Everyone has a little singer in them. You can do this when you are tired and taking a break.
Sing the songs you like
      • Q&A; - Lots of debates on variety of topics.
Grow your vocabulary
    • Read these books to supplement your speaking practice.
    • Buy them if you like to get expert advice.
The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking
Thirty Days to Better English
Better English
    • Read more. Exercising without having food will not be helpful. Think of reading and listening as input to your brain and speaking and writing as output from your brain. So get more input to your brain by reading and listening. Read from a variety of topics, genre and authors. Don't restrict yourself to a single author or topic.
Read more.
    • Learn, Apply and Improvise. There are always three steps involved in the process. Learn, Apply and Improvise. So by reading and watching you will learn but you have to apply what you learn by speaking and listening to real people. And when you start applying what you learn frequently, you try to improvise. That's the way to improve.
Learn, Apply and Improvise
    •  The way anything is developed is through practice, practice and more practice. Keep practicing. Tomorrows victory is todays practice.
Tomorrows victory is todays practice
This post is not complete yet. I will update the post with more strategies and approaches periodically. Feel free to drop your comments and share the procedures that helped you improve your speaking skills. I will update the post with the techniques that worked for you.
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