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A book has influenced me most in my whole life which is not a masterwork or a book written by a famous person, but it is Mistletoe that was written by Tsai Chih-heng. I can remember clearly that I read this book the first time in 2002. A lot of things happened that year, also it was this animal year of mine, and things were complicated and could not be solved.

I can remember that I read the first book of Tsai Chih-heng which was not his famous book called the First Close Contact, it seems like a book called Irish Coffee. I have a habit of reading books which I feel an author wrote well then I would buy the rest of his/her books, like Hua Yu, Milan Kundera, Dan Brown and Khaled Hosseini. When I finished reading Irish Coffee, I read the First Close Contact, after all, I read the rest books of Tsai Chih-heng.

At that time, Mistletoe was just published a little while. I read it in April 2002. The deepest impression was a passage of the book prefaces:

My Chinese teacher was a woman teacher, her surname was Liu.

"Students, this is a composition class, let's begin to write a composition.

When she finished talking, she found a chair, sit down and began reading a book.

"Miss, what is the topic of the composition?"

It was silence for a couple of minutes in the whole classroom, finally, a classmate rose his hand and asked.

"You write your own composition…" teacher smiled, "why do you need me to decide a topic?"

"Miss…" that classmate asked again, "What type of writing we should use, narration, argumentation or lyric?

Miss Liu puts down her book and stood up: "If I live in Taipei in the future, you come to see me, I must be very happy."

Miss Liu smiled: "You think, I will care how you come to Taipei, whatever by bus, by train or by air?"

"I only want to read your earnest writing words, I don't care what kinds of form to express.

Miss Liu said this at last.

My Chinese have been always worst, it was worse that I had only examined Chinese which score was 89.5 points in the third year of middle school, and the full points were 150, which means I failed in this examination. My composition used to be bad example in the class; although I always had the courage to let the teacher used my composition to be bad example. As I went to the Normal School, my Chinese was still the same as usual, the worst subject in all the subjects. Of course, English caught up from behind to be the worst subject.

I still love reading and writing. I used to write diaries at the time in spite of the diaries seem very ridiculous right now. I keep writing all along, no matter good or bad. When I read that passage above, it lets me confirm in my heart to keep writing. It is become a habit and a method of release, even no point and no subject, and it becomes to a style of my writing.

The second harvest in this book is to learn to be simple. This is the hardest because more simple more hard. I usually think too much, and I usually think of the worst part to begin. It probably is the reason why I am self-abased. If the ending is not a tragedy, do I feel happy? It seems that I would feel a little bit excited but not happy.

This is the reason why I like to communicate with kids, they are simple, pure. Like or not, black or white, those have obvious boundaries, they don't pretend. But adults like to wear masks, they do not say straight what they really want. Not matter self-protection or hide deeper. I do not like to guess anything, because I never guess right. Human always like this, you must do the thing which you think you could not do it. When you fail too many times, you will not fail any more, due to you will never do it again at all.

If a person does not have to pretend his feeling, will the world be chaos? I am afraid this is possible, like those disgusting ISIS. We do not need too much pretending and that too complicated emotion. Like being like, dislike is disliked, it will have an accident when you dislike and pretend you like. I met tons of the accidents like these before as I am soft-hearted, after that, I had to be tough, so hurt someone once more.

In the book, the guy met two girls, one was Mingjing and another was Quan. Mingjing just liked the sun, that she gave too much nutrient to the guy until she left. In this case, I feel lucky that I have a very good friend. Whatever when or what, she always gives me support and courage. I am very thankful for her existing. That is no doubt that the pure relationship does exist in different gender.

I always to find a girl like Quan, just a glance can see through you inward, direct access to the depths of my heart of tacit understanding. The first meeting likes an old friend have a long time do not see. No matter falls in love in first sight or soul-mate, fits into the spiritual is the real appropriate. Everyone will get old, whatever pretty as a fairy or handsome as a prince, there is always a day you will become an old man or an old lady. When you over the hill, the only exist things is fits into the spiritual.

Although I do not know has the girl like Quan existed, if it doesn't, I will never put up with anyone.

Every man has his hobbyhorse, someone might think this book is nothing and might be I just read this book at that time, and I got some inspiration, I do not know.

However, Mistletoe, this book is the most important book in my heart.

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