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Just wanted to share some links as not everyone is aware of these. FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions)- The link is found at the bottom of the practice page, along with a short, video tutorial on how to open a practice session. Just scroll down to find those or go to Please note, this FAQ page is about to be updated, so make sure that you check back in a couple of weeks to see the changes! There is also a link for this tutorial in the blue box to the top of the Practice page, just look for the green button that says "video". To see notices of updates to the site or of structured sessions, cancellations and other tips and advice on speaking like a native, follow Suresh and me at: By following us, you will be able to view our posts on your Posts page, shown whenever you log in to SpeakAlley. Keep an eye on the calendar for times that I will be online to speak with everyone or conduct a structured session. You can see the info. for each session by hovering over the date information on the calendar. This information will tell you what kind of session it is and give you information on the session that will be conducted that day. If it is an Essay Session, it will give details on how you can join and have your essay used in the session and get feedback on it. Photos to be used in an upcoming session will be posted here from my Posts and the Trending page and on facebook at these links: Last, I want to mention that we will soon have some videos posted here on how to use the SpeakAlley site, the different features, different ways to learn (there will also be an article posted for this on the SpeakAlley blog in the next couple of days) among other things. I will post a link to the videos when we have them up. Thanks to all who join me in commenting here on the Trending page. It gives me a good opportunity to meet you! Sindee

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