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Hello. I am posting this because of the volume of these questions that I get asked, almost daily. First, I want to thank everyone who connects with me. I regret that I'm not able to be in chat sessions more. Unfortunately, even though I am often seen as online here, I am actually working on the blog, or answering messages, or looking on the Trending page to comment on other's posts to help with writing, or I might be away from my computer. Other times, I join an open session (spontaneously) only to find no one there.

There are other native speakers on SpeakAlley and some are volunteers who may have more time to chat. Use the Connect page and the filters there to find and connect with native speakers as well as other learners to practice your speaking. You may not realize it, but even speaking with other learners every day WILL improve your own speaking skills; I know, I've witnessed it. In fact, I don't give advice here unless I know that it works.

The first thing you should do here on SpeakAlley, is click on the red, "SiteTour" button at the top right of the screen. If you can't see it, then minimize the chat box by clicking on the black area at the top. The SiteTour button is next to your profile link. This will answer most of the questions that we get here on SpeakAlley.

If you want more information on how to fully benefit from what SpeakAlley has to offer, see these articles, I wrote them just for all of you:

This article contains advice that I have been repeating since I first came here and even I am surprised at how well this works. Please note: speaking quickly does NOT make you sound more like a native. Fast speaking actually makes your accent more pronounced to the ears of a native speaker and can actually (and often does) make you harder, even impossible, to understand.

This will introduce you to some basic ways that SpeakAlley can help you improve your English speaking skills. For the more advanced learners, the rest of the answer is found in the other articles I'm giving you in this post, but you will definitely want to read this one first:

This one addresses the first of three very common questions that we get here on SpeakAlley, how to get help with speaking and listening skills, and expounds on what is written in the previous article but doesn't repeat the information.

This is another very common question, "I'm new here, how should I begin (to use"

This last article gives details on how to join our Essay Sessions. Even if your essay isn't used in a particular session, you will still be allowed in the session to ask questions and benefit from it. This also expounds on the information above and doesn't repeat it-so make sure that you read those first two articles.

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