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The next tip: Enunciate clearly. This ties into my last suggestion. You must slow down to be able to enunciate clearly. These points are also the same advice that you would get when learning public speaking methods and are beneficial to know if you ever have to give a presentation before a group of your peers or others. One way to help you to learn to enunciate clearly is to stand in front of a mirror. While speaking slowly, exaggerate the sound of each syllable of each word. Pay particular attention to the areas of your speaking that you have the most trouble with, for instance, if you have trouble with your vowel sounds, slow down and exaggerate that part of the word even more; open you jaw wide, exaggerate the formation of your lips and mouth, this exercise should look strange in the mirror if you are doing it correctly but practicing it this way will help you enunciate more clearly when you speak. If you have trouble with the consonants, make an effort to make those sounds more forcefully when you practice. Do not just say, “and” say, “anDUH!”. Obviously, you won’t say, “and” this way when you speak normally, but for practice it will help to train you for more understandable speech. It doesn’t matter what you say, just that you practice. Reading something will help because you will have to look at the word and see the consonants in each part of the word. Use this reading as a practice to unlearn bad habits by having a visual reminder to make the consonant sounds and therefore remember how to properly pronounce the word.

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