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Hello everyone! I apologize for not being able to come to the sessions and for not posting the cancellations-there was a mix-up on that, sorry-anyway, I'll be back but in a slightly different way. Due to my chronic health issues and other reasons, I am glad to be able to be introducing a new forum for helping you with your English. This new system will allow me to give more personalized, individual help to more of you, keeping my one-on-one interactions private, gives me a greater ability to give you feedback and advice on ALL your endeavors-reading, writing, speaking and listening-AND be able to interact with you at a time that is both convenient for you as well as accommodating my unpredictable health issues and time differences. I hope that with this new system, I will have to chance to help you advance more quickly due to the individualized assistance, remove some of the delay issues encountered in group sessions and facilitate your learning. I'm excited to have this opportunity to be of more assistance to the SpeakAlley community! One last thing; we will be holding a introductory session soon to explain how the new system works. Please check back here on SpeakAlley for updates to these new programs and how to join them. You should continue to watch the calendar for times that I will be online to just chat with everyone and say hello as I really enjoy getting to meet and get to know everyone on a personal level as well. As always, if I can be online spontaneously as well, I will, but for now, my priorities have to be with helping everyone in the more structured venues. As we recruit more native speakers to help, I will be able to be on the Practice page sessions more often. You will still "hear from me" in the new systems due to my privilege of being able to be involved in them. I'm excitedly looking forward to all the new programs we will be launching in the months ahead and I hope to get to know even more of you! Take care, all. :)

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