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One last thing that I want to mention is that it helps to remember where I am from when comparing accents, etc. I was born and raised in Southwest USA. My accent will be different from those who live, not only in Europe and Australia, but from those who live in other parts of this country. I have been told that I have a Michigan accent sometimes, though it is rare, but I have never been to that state. It comes from my mother who is from that area. Most of my “Michigan” accent has faded as I have grown older, but some have still recognized it. When meeting those from North America, you must remember that there are many accents here, some very noticeably different from other parts of the country. The word used for something as well as the meaning of some words will also change between these areas, as well as from the other English speaking countries. Attitudes, mannerisms, phrases and even some customs will also vary from area to area in this large country. Also, Americans in general love their slang, their idioms and phrases, but those too change from area to area. This being said, I do not want to make it sound like learning English is harder than it should be. Most of these things you will understand as you broaden your speaking talents by speaking with others on a regular basis.

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