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While I am not as young as most of you here, and I do understand why some of you would want to call me “Teacher”, I want to mention to everyone that while these practice sessions with me are somewhat structured, they are not meant to be a formal class. The structure is simply a way to give everyone a chance to practice speaking English and for me to give some, hopefully helpful, feedback on how you can improve and sound more like a native speaker. I want this to be a relaxed way for people to interact, not a formal classroom setting, and hopefully you will also be encouraged to connect with others here on Speak Alley and use the PRACTICE link to engage in sessions that will further your speaking abilities. Though I have had the responsibilities of creating and conducting adult classes in the past, I am not, nor have I ever been, an English teacher; we do have some real teachers here and I truly appreciate their coming and speaking with me and supporting our English Practice Sessions so regularly. I want to invite everyone to just call me by my name, “Sindee” and while I appreciate the respect being shown to my age, etc. with titles such as “Ma’am”, “Teacher”, “Ms Sindee”, or anything else, I really do prefer that you just call me, “Sindee”; we are all just friends here!

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