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This is just a little vocabulary builder, insha Allah, for those of you who want to take the time to look up the words that I use. While a proof-reader/editor might change the structure of a couple of sentences, I decided to keep things as a native would speak these sentences, though a native would not speak so formally unless he/she was orating. Here are my thoughts on this photo: “Serenity” is the first word that comes to my mind when I see this photograph. The distant mountains provide the perfect backdrop to invoke the feeling of seclusion to this mountain home. Although my first glance at this makes me think that this is a river, after enlarging the photo to write this commentary, I notice that the image gives at least an illusion of the water extending to the left of the cottage, as if its path forks before the tall pine trees in the center of the scene. This leads me to wonder if heavy rains and melting snow have surrounded this cozy dwelling or if the water is, in fact, more of a small lake-some might even call it a large pond. Due to the mirrored reflections on its still, glassy surface, I tend to believe the latter, although it is likely fed by some type of flowing source further up, be it a river or a stream. The grasses that divide the two bodies of water suggest that the water level is receding and due to the vibrant colors of the flora found here, I would easily guess this was taken in the spring, further supporting the snow melt as the cause of so much water. Because this cabin is so secluded in these mountains, my guess would have to be that the water is both a permanent feature here and is also engorged due to the spring season and its consequences in these mountain ranges. While wind can be a daunting factor in the mountains, this area is surrounded by higher mountains and plenty of pine trees and the fact that the dwelling is situated on lower ground than its surroundings would help to buffer the force of the gusts. The evergreen nature of pines and the proximity of the trees to the house would be a welcome guard against the driving winter snows. Whatever the true cause of the water here, this peaceful get-a-way looks like the perfect respite from the toils and troubles of everyday life and though permanent residence here would assuredly be its own cause of difficulties, a temporary vacation in a place like this would definitely give the vacationer a place of quiet contemplation.

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