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This vehicle is an unexpected element in this garden water feature. A rusted 1950s truck has been backed down to the water’s edge. The tumbling waterfall gently spills out of the back of the truck, emphasizing the impression that the truck has deliberately backed down to the water's edge to unload its cargo. The large bush on the left of the photo makes you almost expect to see a driver milling around the front of the truck assessing the scene, making the next thought that of a truck which has backed too close to the water’s edge and has gotten stuck in the mud that you would normally expect to see there. The large clump of grass further teases the eye as it inhibits a clear view of the bank, from this vantage point, of whether this was a deliberate attempt to back into the water or a simple mistake in judgement. Of course, all of this conjecture is only from images remembered; this scenario was deliberately arranged in this way, but this playful scene reminds me of so many memories of my time living in the country. What new words did you learn? Any questions?

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