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The Best Sports for Successful Wagering

If you've ever glanced in at bookmaker's window, you'll know the amount of sports on offer can be pretty staggering. There's even more when use online bookmaker, for example to find new tennis betting odds 2018 has available. However, some sports are easier to wager on than others in our experience, with a lot of factors at play as to which ones yield the most profit. Ultimately, there's profit to be had in all sports markets, but with some of them it seems to sit closer to the surface than with other.


Tennis is a good sport to wager on for several reasons. For one thing, each match only has two players, and each single tournament won't have much more than twenty or thirty players competing. This means that when it comes to analysing form and injury with new info at this site you only have to cover two players for a match, instead of two whole teams. Because the outcome of the game relies on only two performances, there's also more space for upsets: if, for example, a football team has an injured player, he can simply be substituted, and the team's ability won't necessarily fluctuate massively, but with tennis, a common injury or mistake can change the whole flow of a match. Simply put, it's a great game for wagering.


Much like tennis, a boxing match only consists of two players, so there's less research required for the average punter to make an informed bet about the outcome. However, unlike most sports, a boxing match can come to an end at any should a player get hit with a knockout punch, so potentially a match could be over within seconds of the first round beginning. From this, you can find there's more opportunities for big upsets, and therefore better value wagers available.

Horse Racing

There's a reason that horse racing is one of the biggest betting markets around. As hard as the bookies will try to predict the outcomes, this is a notoriously hard game to predict. You'll find there's a lot of examples looking back on which horse wins a race when an outside favourite has won out an event. It can come down to the smallest factors affecting a horse's performance on the day of the race, and many times the bookmaker's favourite may not even place. If you can do some homework and sniff around for a good deal, there's plenty to be made on these markets.

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