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I attended my student's high school graduation last week. My student's parents did not appear on the graduation, so I perhaps like her patriarch. This was my second time to attend my student's high school graduation. I was very happy to be invited to this event.

Even through I have held an elementary school graduation, but as an audience on this event that was my second time. I quit my teacher's job two years ago. After that time, I thought I had not any chance to be present at graduation of my student. Since I have quit my last job last year, and my lovely student told me that I must appear on her graduation. I did it.

We took a lot of photos, I listened to her speech, and I watched her headmaster gave her the graduation certificate. That was so exciting for me, because it liked you were her parent and watched her grow up, then she seemed like a child became a young adult. I did not cry at that time, I felt happy only. I was so glad for her that she finished her studying in high school.

Every year, I watched my students went to the middle school when I was a teacher in the elementary school. Some students had been taught since their six years old, and they finally grew up, then they left me. That felt like you lost a lot of children who you loved so much. I felt so grateful when they came to see me again each time.

I love my students, although they will not remember me in the future. I can remember when they went to the school, what their names are and some details when they were in school.

A girl came to school for an interview with her sister. Her sister introduced her to me and told me to take care of her. When I quit my teacher's job, she, the little who was introduced by her sister, wrote an article for me. She wrote that I was the only few people who told her about dreams, but I did not remember when it happened. She wrote that I was a humble man because I always smoked out of the school and I worn the same kind of T-shirt all the time. Well, I admitted it. I had not so much friends expect my students in school and they are so friendly to me even today.

A boy, who was one of the first group of students in my teaching career, I did not like when he was a kid. It was so weird that we became friends and I did not know why. I attended to his wedding and I went to his new apartment in Spring Festival.

I can say so many things about my student. They did something good, something bad. I want to say that I love them so much and I miss them so much!

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