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Hemkund Travels was set in 2005 and ever since then, it has maintained incoming travel services in Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Rajasthan, Haridwar and other tourist parts of India. India is the land of magical luster, the world wonder, patrimony monuments and majestically monuments.
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Golden triangle tour 5 days - There is something so charming about Jaipur, i actually enjoyed it there over every other place we visited. We saw the sun rise as we entered Jaipur, then got some breakfast before starting our day of touring. All around us they were preparing for the day's work. These elephants are so gorgeous, and that they are decorated with colorful chalk art, which may easily be removed.

As soon as you reach the fort you'll be greeted by these gentle giants and their colorful chalk art. There are long lines within the morning to ride them, and that they walk all the high the fort and backtrack again. The Amer fort is tucked away during a valley within the foothills, and albeit it's essentially a fort protecting a palace, it's more sort of a precious gem. There are even parts of the fort that resemble the good Wall of China.

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