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i am appearing for IELTS test, if any one of you is serious for english speaking practice, then do let me know or inbox me. Thanks
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I am posting few words, which can be remembered easily by comparing it with other words, or by breaking the words.

this is how i am trying to remember vocabularies.

1) fallacy: false appearance "if you know the word false then you can guess it easily"

2) gregarious: socialised or friendly " if you know the word garrulous means talkative"

3) conscientious: thoroughly "remember science is thorough word, or huge term as it has many branches"

4) foible: weak "remember feeble" and its opposite forte "strengthen/ reinforced"

5) alleviate: get free from stress/ relieve stress " just compare it with elevation means hight of something" (just for memorising words)

6) ruthless: careless "reckless means careless"

7) Deceit: to mislead someone " diplicity have the same meaning"

8) matriarchy: society ruled by women " just remember maternal"

9) commandment: divine rule, "remember command means to rule"

10) CONCENSUS: general agreement, " consignment means delivering goods, goods can be delivered after general agreement"

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