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5 years ago

It was two years ago that I attended a party which my students were celebrating due to graduating from high school. It was in a karaoke room, I can recall it vividly. I would have missed that party if I had worked overtime as usual.

It had been raining before I went to the party, so everyone was inside. I saw about 20 students in there when I was arriving; some of them were drinking beer, some of them were singing songs that I didn't know and others were chatting with each other. They were so happy to have finally graduated and I was grateful because I haven't seen them for a long time and it was nice to be able to see them again. They looked so grown up and had matured so quickly; I didn't recognize them at all. I chatted with everyone in that room, asked them about their lives and sung karaoke with them as well.

We had a fantastic evening and I appreciated that my lovely students had invited me to their party.

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