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Hello everyone! I want to thank everybody who comes to visit with me every day and I also want to give a special thank you to those who are brave enough to participate and speak with me. I must say that it is a challenge to find material that will allow everyone to use the full extent of their vocabulary and contribute something new to each discussion. I also have to commend those who regularly attend with me every day because not only are you willing to speak up in front of others but you use our feedback to improve your speaking and presentations and it is getting increasingly more difficult to give you advice on improving as your advancement is made manifest! I also want to thank those who go through the trouble to find new information to share with the group as well as utilizing new words, some of which are new to me! One reason that I love to learn new things is that learning can be an invigorating way to expand my personal horizons and in this endeavor of learning new languages I have been given the opportunity to meet some of the best people on this planet-all of you!- and for that I am truly grateful. I am constantly impressed by the different perspectives given by each of you while discussing the pictures and TOEFL topics. I love being able to “see through your eyes” and I thank each of you for the opportunities you give me to observe this world through your own frame of reference. I am also impressed by your intense desire to learn and improve your speaking ability to the extent that you allow me to give whatever feedback and tips that I can to help you, and others who are listening, to sound more like a native speaker and I appreciate your receptive responses to what I have to say. I do understand that some of these points may not be necessary to being simply understandable when you speak, but you always give me the opportunity to address the issue so that everyone listening can also learn and improve. I appreciate your patience in allowing me to help as many people as possible by giving these small pieces of advice. Many thanks, Sindee

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