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The type of information being presented also lends itself best to either the written word, and audio tape or CD or a video presentation. There are some things, for example, that just the written word can’t convey adequately. Some ‘how-to’ information will just simply require video and some things like motivational speakers are best presented on audio tape or CD’s. Let’s discuss the three different types of informational products that you might consider: 1. The written word (E-books): This type of informational product is by far the easiest and least expensive to produce. This medium lends itself well to many topics and can even be used for some ‘how-to’ informational products and motivational products. A well written E-book that is filled with timely and relevant information sells well on the Internet. E-books can be sold at a much smaller price to the consumer than other kinds of products because there are no direct production costs….the investment is usually entirely the time of the author of such products. The only tools required to produce an E-book is a program like MS Word and a PDF converter. 2. The audio product: The audio informational product requires all of the same research that an E-book requires but then it also requires production and distribution investment, as well. The good news is that with today’s computers and the software available, recording audio is a fairly simple thing to do and the quality is as good, or almost as good, as recordings made in sound studios. Audio informational products are generally used for producing such informational products as those produced for motivation purposes, marketing, finance, and business. Production, shipping and handling is usually supplied by a fulfillment center. There are many such companies. 3. The video informational product: This is the most difficult and usually the most expensive to produce informational product on the market today. It is also the most effective for many topics. Unless you have the capability to make the video yourself, you will have to hire a videographer or at the very least you will have to buy or rent video equipment. However, there are some informational topics that just cannot be created in any other way, i.e. action oriented themes like sports, dancing, learning to play a musical instrument, etc. A fulfillment center must be hired in order to mass produce a DVD and distribute it. Of course, some video products can be available only online which eliminates the need for a fulfillment center. When you are choosing the type of informational product you will produce, take into consideration the cost but also consider the best way to present the information to your customers. • The E-book can be used for many, maybe even most, topics. It is the least expensive to produce. • The audio product lends itself well to such topics as motivation, marketing, finance, and business. • The video product must be used for producing action oriented topics like sports, dancing, learning to play a musical instrument, etc. I love using PLR cheat sheets to create video content for YouTube: https://www.buyqualityplr.com/plr-store/products/plr-cheat-sheets/