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Tibet trekking tour

Tibet, land of spirit and dream, is always mysterious to trekkers. Lying in the shadow of Himalaya, the breathtaking high plateau landscape of Tibet offers great opportunities for trekker. No matter what your interest is, let's say climbing majestic towering mountains, circling around holy lakes, visiting sacred monasteries, riding horses across the vast grasslands, or hiking through national parks, Tibet has something for you.

Trekking is a perfect way to explore Tibet and a wonderful experience of a lifetime that you can't get anywhere else on earth. In the Tibet trekking tour, you can enjoy the unique landscapes on the roof of the world and have a full insight of Tibetan culture. You can sense the subtle and harmonious relationship of people with nature once you step on the highland.


Tibet train

Every day, the diligent Tibet trains unTibet load about 2000 tourists to the holy city Lhasa from different cities around China. What makes so many travelers flock into Tibet by train?

The first also the biggest reason is to experience the world engineering wonder which has created 9 extraordinary world records (the highest railway – 5072m, highest railway station - 5072m, the longest plateau railway -1976kkm, longest rail bridge – 11.7km, longest plateau tunnel in permafrost – 1686m …) and check out how the engineers overcame the biggest three technical challenges during the construction Qinghai Tibet Railway - widespread frozen earth, high altitude sickness and eco-environment protection. The second reason is to enjoy the breathtaking plateau landscape along the railway – huge salt lakes Qinghai and Qarhan, vast and mysterious Hoh Xil Depopulated Zone, the Elf of Qinghai Tibet Plateau – Tibetan Antelope, Dominating Tanggula Mountains, Blue Diamond - Tsonag Lake, plains dotted with yaks and herder's tents… The third reason is the much lower cost, compared with air transfer, especially during peak seasons.