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Hello, In this essay i have tried to put vocabulary with red pen, kindly check it and let me know is it suitable to write here?

And let me if there is any grammatical mistakes ..


Kindly check it, and let me know the mistakes...!


Hello world:

Its been around 3.5 months to join Speakalley, I met many people here who belongs to different part of the world, and yet I am connect with them. As you all know that I belongs to Pakistan and its the birthday of my mother land its 14th august, Independence Day of Pakistan. On this auspicious day I would like to write some thing here on this site, and want to show a good side of pakistan, that I know the world is yet not aware from it. firstly I would like to say Thanks to Suresh for this beautiful platform where I am posting something about my land.

Pakistan's positive side is yet hidden from the world and Pakistan has been known from the word terrorism not from its progress, success and its developments. we are a proud and a successful nation, as we have world class education system; our universities and institutes are ranking among the world top universities, such as Aga Khan university, UET Lahore, MUET Jamshoro, IBA institute, and few more. Pakistan have been Ranked the forth most Intelligent people across the world, because we have the youngest Microsoft expert Late Arifa Kareem, at the age of 9 she become certified Microsoft professional. furthermore, my nation is running world's largest ambulance network known from the name "EDHI", and a sixth largest military force in the world.

Is that not enough to show how Pakistan is developed? okay let me share few more facts about Pakistan. we have great natural resources, a world's largest deep sea port "Gawadar", a nuclear power, an Asia's largest railway station, a monument "meenar-e-Pakistan" which is counted in world's best monuments and a world's largest man-made forest. Pakistan is not only Rich with these resources but also rich with the intelligent people like Arifa Karim, Noble price winner Doctor Abdus Salam "physicist", Farooq Alvi brothers creator of BRAIN "a first PC virus", Mohammad Illiyas "a world's youngest civil judge", Sameena Baig a pakistani woman scaled Mount Everest, last but not least, ustaad Nusrat fateh Ali Khan, a talented singer received award around the Globe.

Pakistan has every thing that is required for a developed nation, and these things are hidden from the world. I just wanted to reveal a positive facts of Pakistan, and I am pessimistic that my nation's name will be putted in a good books.

I know I dragged this write up as my brain did not stop thinking, and my fingers were sticked on keyboard LOL, I hope you like it.

Thanks :)


My hands are good at typing, not writing, well to be honest my hand writing is not good at all, but I think one can fathom the words easily,

I am trying to write write essays manually, because I have write this way in test, so i need more practice for manual writing, here you go with the new topic, and let me know the mistakes I made thanks :)


In this passage I have recapitulated the information illustrated in two charts, 1st figure shows the estimated Japanese population travel to foreign countries in 1985 to 1995, and 2nd figure illustrates the estimated Japanese population entered in Australia in a same era.

According to the information illustrated in figure one; the travelers' rate in 1985 was around five millions, the rate gradually increased till 1990 and reached to 11 million. Consequently the rate decreased from 11 to 10.5 million in 1991, it rose again and reached near 12 million in 1992. The Japanese travel rate bit increased in 1993, and then it rapidly increased in 1994 and 1995 and cross the line of 15 million people.

The second chart illustrates the following information; from 1985 to 1988 the percentage of Japanese travelers entered in Australia steadily increased from 0 % to 4.8 %. Whereas the percentage fall down to 4.1 % in 1989,however it again start raising from 1989 and progressively crossed 6 % in 1993 and again the percentage falls a bit from 1993 to 1994.

In a peroration, it is to be noticed that, the travelers actually increased from 1885 to 1995, and their visit to Australia also increased after a flaw in a year 1988 to 1989.


Writing task 1:

In this passage I have recapitulate the information illustrated in a graph on commensurate of men and women, who acquired different level of post-school education in Australia 1999.

According to the information given in a graph, it is noted that, the involvement of males reached the education level of skilled vocational diploma is higher than females; the estimated ratio of male is plus 80%, while females' ratio is just 10%. On the other hand the women qualification is seems to be more in undergraduate diploma and bachelor's degree, in both cases the percentage bar exceed beyond 50, while the percentage bar of male is at 35 percent approximately and plus 40 percent in both undergraduate and bachelor's degree respectively.

However at the higher level, the females' rate gets down again (30% and 40% in both level of postgraduate diploma and master's degree respectively), in that same case the males' rate counted 70% in postgraduate diploma and 60% in master's degree.

In a peroration, I noted the denouement that; in Australia females are seems less interested in acquiring education; while more males are insatiably acquiring education of different level, except undergraduate diploma, however the rates seems closer in bachelor's degree.


It has been more than 30 years since man first landed on the moon. Some people think that space research is a waste of money discuss.

The men is an inventor since they landed on this planet, they have successfully researched and invented for the progression of the world. After the technological progression, the people are now able to reach on the land of other planets; will the world get benefits from it? Obviously, no.

Some people claim that landing on other planets and get tangible to the galaxy is not a waste of money, but it is lucrative for the world, as they are getting intimate from updates about the changes of galaxy. While some people are against to their statement, and I am also agree with their opinion, that it is totally a waste of time and money. What researchers bring back from moon? Just a rock for display in museum, although they have spent millions of dollars to reach at moon, if they intended to spend half of the amount to the earth then the condition of their own planet would be more better than today.

Yet 60 percent of the land needs to be workout, they should invest the amount of money and their precious time to improve earth such as education system of the world, reconstruction of the drainage system which is destroying 100 of the villages each year, preservation of heritage to improve the economy worldwide, and conservation of the forest which has been extinct from weather condition, instead of landing to the moon. In Pakistan the drainage system called LBOD has been damaged, and it is destroying number of villages of Punjab and Sindh every year, it requires only thousands of dollars to repair it. For instance if they spend quarter of amount for the betterment of the earth then they will not find any need to research for the settlement on other planet.

Earth should be the core consideration. Researching and approaching to other land will not get any benefit to the mankind. If we renovate our existing home "earth" then it's beauty will fascinate us and for sure it will not cogent one to build another home "moon or other planets" for the survival.


Most high level jobs are done by men. Some people think the government should encourage a certain percentage of these jobs to be reserved for women. Do you agree or disagree?

In this forth going world, women are considered equal to the men, even women are doing job along with men without any trepidation. Then why society thinks that women are not capable for this particular job? And why society gives the priority to men while allocating seats of particular job?

Consequently, people claim that quotas for these jobs should be reticent for women; I am disgruntled with this claim because, if it happens then the chances of injustice may increase, for deserving candidates. If women do job equally as men, then seats should be general for candidates, allocation decision should be made after scrutinizing the candidate's capability not gender. However in some countries still there is gender discrimination, women do not get equal right as men, especially in case of jobs quota, so what if men is qualified or not for this particular position.

We can see women are working in male dominant fields, such as driving, civil engineering, architecture, and so on. Zaha Hadid, is the example of capable women, she is the queen of the world of Deconstructive architecture, being a women she has left all the famous male architects behind her innovation. Although Architecture is specifically a male dominant field in Pakistan, yet women did not get desponded, and the outcome is here in shape of Yasmeen laari, she is the first licensed women architect of Pakistan, and counted in the list of top architects of the world.

Yet some people have a question in their mind, can women be a politician? Yes why not!

In my opinion women are eloquence, representative and agile as well, these are the qualities of good politician, and women are gifted with these qualities. If she has the quality to lead her home, then she can lead the country. Late Benazir Bhutto took step to lead Pakistan, but due to some political conflicts, she has been murdered.

In this recapitulated peroration, I must say, government should give a chance to the women, and I believe that they can do better than men. Only women can break this stereotype, if they put their steps forward and show the talent to the world, without any trepidation. If they succeed then they can be another inspiration like Zaha Hadid, Yasmeen laari, and Benazir Bhutto.


Some people think that the popularity of TV has affected the close relationship between family members and friends what's your opinion?

This is testimony, that our behavior is the abstract of what we perceive, the more we perceive from environment, internet, and television, the more we get susceptible, the affect can be positive and can be negative, it depends.. The television are now a days becoming more cheaper than it was before, now everyone can afford it, and it is playing pivotal role in our society in affecting the people and relationships severely.

As we all are intimated, that many plugins has been introduced to run every channels, now we can see the foreign programs or dramas on television. We perceive from watching things, and it is proved that if people watch more violent things, their behavior may ultimately change and they may act violently. The relations can be affected from one's change of behavior; their violent act can disseminate the members of family or the people of society. In addition to that, the change in psychic condition of people does not only harm their relations but it also harms themselves, the guilt of their act can lead them to wards melancholy for the rest of their lives.

However, the relations can also be susceptible from extreme involvement in television programs. Likewise, if someone has the family functions at their place, but he is curious to watch the live match, and showing the trivial to his family or friends. These kinds of acts are common in today's society, everyone are in desperate to be up to date from TV programs.

Consequently, television can affect the society, but on the other hand it has some positive outcomes, so it does not mean one can trivial owning television. People should control themselves, and spend a normal time in watching the television. One can get the updates of live programs later, but one cannot salvage the disseminated family or friends, these both are worth having them.