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Hello! My name is Elizabeth. I want to encourage you to speak English. I am an experienced English teacher.
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PRACTICE SESSIONS UPDATE: Google Hangouts is no longer working for us here in SpeakAlley. I will continue to post my events here on the SpeakAlley calendar, and I will send you the link to join via email. To get all of the information and to join my FREE English Practice Sessions - please sign up for my mailing list -
Join us tomorrow for a LIVE English Practice Session here in SpeakAlley - Here are 3 easy steps to join: 1. Use a time converter to find the correct time in your own time zone - 2. Find a reliable internet connection and headset. 3. Be prepared & ready 5 minutes before our session begins. See you there!
Long time, no see! It is time for another LIVE English Practice Session here in SpeakAlley! Join me on Friday, April 28th to talk about improving your English skills: -How do you improve your English skills? -What works & what does not work? -What are you looking for to help you bring your English to the next level?
Join me this Thursday at 2pm (GMT) for a FREE English Practice Session here in SpeakAlley. Our topic this week: Practice Partners -With whom / where do you practice speaking English? -How do you practice? -How is it going? Are you satisfied? What you need: -stable internet connection -headset -willingness to speak English!
Let's do some BRAINSTORMING!! Today we created a list - What topics do you talk about with your friends, family, co-workers & classmates? Watch the video here:

What topics do you usually talk about?

#talkwithecm & #SpeakAlley Today we had a brainstorming session - What topics do you usually talk about with your friends, family, co-workers and classmates?

Great LIVE Session! Thank you to everyone who joined me. If you missed the session, you can watch here:

English with Elizabeth - How do you improve your English?

talkwithecm & SpeakAlley What do you want? What are you looking for to help you improve your English skills?

Start 2017 by boosting your English! I am offering a FREE 1-week course for building your Roadmap to Success. Sign up today! Registration is OPEN - Roadmap to Success - January 9-13
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11 months ago
Mark your calendars for our next LIVE session on SpeakAlley - 02 DEC 2016 As always, it is a free event & we welcome you to join. We will post more information as the time gets closer. If you think that 2 weeks is TOO LONG TO WAIT - I agree! How about daily English practice - would you like that? I am offering a FREE 5-days email based course to help you reach the level of English you want & stay motivated. If this is something that interests you, sign up for my free ROADMAP TO SUCCESS course 21-25 NOVEMBER 2016. You can find the information here: