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Hello! My name is Elizabeth. I want to encourage you to speak English. I am an experienced English teacher. Connect with us here -
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We just finished our first session together - it was a success! Thank you to everyone who joined me today.
Hello SpeakAlley friends & English learners, I am starting an online business to help you improve your English. What do you think are some of the big problems about learning English online?


'A picture is worth 1000 words!'

This sentence means that we can often communicate information more efficiently in a picture or symbol than with a few words. Pictographs are pictures used as a symbol for a word or a phrase. Many companies use pictographs on their products.

Sometimes pictographs are very useful, sometimes they can be confusing - especially when used internationally. Can you guess the meaning of the symbols on this package of eye cream from the USA?

Write your answers as a post here - number them 1-4


I am an English Teacher. I am also a language learner. I know what it takes to improve your language skills in the most efficient way possible.

I created an easy to use pdf with my 7 Top Tips to help you:

  • -Jumpstart your English learning
  • -Gain confidence speaking English
  • -Define your English learning goals

  • Join my mailing list & I will send you my 7 Top Tips for learning English for FREE.

    When I first started learning a new language...I struggled, but as I learned and got better, I figured out what distinguishes passive learners from excellent speakers. Some people just seem like naturals. I want to give you the tools they use to:
    • Get it right the first time - every time
    • Remember key vocabulary & grammatical structures
    • Give stellar presentations - in English
    • Make the best contacts - globally!

    Hi! My name is Elizabeth.
    I will be your English Guide.

    I have had the chance to see this up close as I not only taught English to professionals around the world, but also as I developed my own skills speaking a foreign language. I saw students who learned faster & better than me, in fact in my first class I was way down at the bottom of the list. I don't have a gift for languages. I really don't. In middle school, my French teacher told me that I should consider learning another language instead. Over time I learned what it takes to overcome obstacles to excel beyond expectations & even earn the top pronunciation award at my school! Later, I went on to make the honors list & I earned the top score of my class for one semester in my MBA program - in Chinese.

    I will be honest, it wasn't easy. I started out sitting in the back of my classroom blinking. I had no idea what the teacher was talking about most of the time. I struggled with living abroad, finding the right training program & the financial support. I encountered personal set backs and plenty of struggles, but my ultimate goal was to speak Chinese well, really well, and not just 'good enough' to order food at a Chinese restaurant - although I do love doing that! I dreamed of launching my career on a global level through proficient language skills.

    I went from smiling & blinking in the back of the classroom to a successful business professional on the global marketplace. I am not saying this to brag. I am saying this because with my help you can do this too!

    Yes, it takes time to learn a language, time to find the right program, the right materials, and most importantly, the right teacher for you. If you are looking for the instant quick trick to learn a language in 3 days, this is not the list for you. If you are ready to commit yourself to learning English - really learning English I am ready to help you.

    I have been teaching English to professionals since 2000. I have trained students for national tests, top university entrance exams, law school interviews & more. I have created standardized tests & administered standardized exams. I have coached people through business negotiations. I have a varied set of skills & experience for the global marketplace. Today I want to teach you! I will show you exactly what you need to improve your English & reach your goals.I have the tools & skills you need to accelerate your English learning, gain confidence speaking English with others and keep focused on your learning goals.
    Hello everyone! I am new to Speak Alley & I am excited to be here.